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Melissa delivered a fantastic keynote at our annual Global Product Forum with attendees representing North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.  She was able to make her concepts about how the brain works and factors that influence company culture relevant to a diverse global audience.  More importantly, her energy and passion about her areas of expertise are simply infectious.  
I highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a dynamic speaker to create an exceptional attendee experience. 
-Frank T. Young, President, Product, Integrated Payments and Vertical Markets, Global Payments.
I asked Melissa Hughes to host a session at the inaugural No Longer Virtual Conference because I knew she would bring a completely different, entertaining and valuable session to the event.  She nailed it! Participants of that conference are still talking about her session - over a year later!  
There is no better testament to the value and positive experience with a speaker than being invited back. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again.
-Sarah Elkins, Founder and President, Elkins Consulting
I will fully admit that I did not expect to be completely WOW'd and engaged by a self-proclaimed "Neuroscience Geek," but I was.  Melissa is intelligent and articulate, but it is her passion that really engages you. It is both obvious and contagious.  After hearing Melissa speak, I could not wait to read her book and I loved it.  I am pretty certain that she has created an army of neuroscience junkies, and I am not embarrased to say that I am one of them.
Sally McCabe, Founder and President, Compassion 2 Compliance
Melissa has a very interactive and approachable presentation style. When she came to speak to our group, we are all excited to receive her message about the power we have to change the brain and how we think. Her talk was both insightful and engaging.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker at any event.
Heather Younger, JD, President, Customer Fanatix
I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Melissa Hughes speak at the No Longer Virtual Conference for entrepreneurs in Atlanta. She gave a highly energetic and engaging talk that left me curious to learn more. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on a copy of her book, Happier Hour with Einstein. I simply wasn't able to put her book down once I started reading it. The insights I gained have helped me live smarter and happier in both my personal life and business endeavors.
John White, President, Social Marketing Solutions
What does better understanding of how our brains work have to do with healthier living? Stronger leadership? Greater influence? Everything! The more insight we have, the better equipped we are to manage our own energy and impact. It's about the right tools, to improve life, business and human relations.
Dr. Hughes’ work in this field is both stimulating and helpful. Down to earth. Real. Her content is practical, with clear examples that are rich, yet relatable.
Genuine and informed, she helps us understand what to do, how and why. She gets right to the roots of improved performance.
Janice Kobelsky, FCPA, FCMA
Millennial Minds Inc. Your Meaningful Vision, Fulfilled
I will admit that I didn't expect a "neuroscience geek to be engaging, informative, and funny. But after hearing Melissa speak at our annual training conference, I was blown away!  The brain is amazing and we really do have the power to make it work better if we know how. Her passion is infectious and her keynote started the day with incredible energy.
By far, the best hour of the entire conference!
Mary J. Jameson, Human Resources Director
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