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With a PhD in education, I spent the first part of my career observing how the brain works through the lives of my students and I realized there were simple, applicable tools that could optimize their performance outcomes and improve their overall learning processes. Understanding how to learn, how to solve problems, and to think creatively becomes even more important when you leave the classroom and step into the work-life arena.   


Thanks to advances in technology and neuroscience, we can actually peek inside that 3-pound mushy mass between our ears, and better understand what factors impact its function. If you're looking for a way to amp up the brain power in your organization, improve its culture, impact its creativity and enhance your bottom line, allow me to share my tools, insights and discoveries to help you to do just that!

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Empower your organization
with neuroscience – from a more engaged workforce
more effective leadership

to the kind of company culture
that will outwork, outperform and outsmart the competition. 

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Tap into your
inner Genius!