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Optimize your team's brain power
Happier Hour with Einstein

Empower your organization with neuroscience!
Apply brain-based research for a smarter, more engaged workforce, more effective leadership

and the kind of company culture
that will outwork, outperform and
outsmart the competition. 

"Talent wins games. Teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
-Michael Jordan

There are a lot of speakers out there who talk about employee engagement and company culture. But very few approach team dynamics from the inside out - from a neuroscience perspective.  We've learned so much about the brain and those factors that influence human motivation, productivity, problem solving, and collaboration - all essential ingredients for a successful organization.

What do the most successful companies all have in common? The answer to that question used to be “the best and brightest people.” But hanging on to antiquated beliefs about intelligence may be what holds your organization back. Technology, innovation, and disruptions are changing the skills and knowledge we need faster than we can keep up. Individual smarts just aren’t enough.  

Studies show that team dynamics are more impactful to organizational success than the skills or intelligence of the individual players. In other words, how the team interacts can actually zap the value of the individual members.  If a company wants to outsmart the competition, it needs prioritize and influence how people work together. 


With a PhD in education, Melissa spent the first part of her career observing how the brain works in a classroom setting.  She realized there were simple, applicable tools that could optimize their performance outcomes and improve their overall learning processes. Understanding how to learn, how to solve problems and think creatively becomes even more important when you leave the classroom and step into the work-life arena.   


Thanks to advances in technology and neuroscience, we can actually peek inside that 3-pound mushy mass between our ears, and better understand what factors impact its function. If you're looking for a way to amp up the brain power in your organization, improve its culture, impact its creativity and enhance your bottom line, let's talk!

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