You're Invited to Virtual Happy Hour!

Updated: Apr 8

A little more than a year ago, Kevin Monroe and Mike Vacanti had these radical ideas about putting #HumansFirst and making #gratitude an intentional part of life. They learned that people were so hungry for conversation, compassion, and connection, they created a safe place for people to join together and called it #HumansFirst Hangouts. They have asked me to host the Wednesday night hangouts and YOU'RE INVITED!

Who: You and your plus one (because Happy Hour is always more fun with friends!)

What: #HumansFirst Virtual Happy Hour

When: Wednesday 4/8/20 at 5:00 PM EST


Why: Because we're better together!

P.S. Life is always better when you share the good stuff! Forward this to someone who could use a little positivity right now!

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